Sunday Funday

Sunday was our Funday and I’m posting it on Monday because I fell asleep at 6:30 pm yesterday and didn’t wake up until just now! I mixed up an eyebrow pencil for eyeliner in the morning and almost ended up with one black eyebrow. Haha! That just goes to show how exhausted I was! Now after 12 hours of sleep, I am geared up and ready to pump out this next week.

Yesterday we had the most delicious breakfast, courtesy of the volunteers at Spring Hill Baptist Church and then I was serenaded to the song “My Girl” which was so delightful. They made me feel so special. IMG_2391

During the church service I was able to speak for a few minutes about how God worked through me this year and encouraged me in my low points to never give up and that He was not done blessing my life.

Then my host family took me to Dreamland BBQ for the first time. YUMMY! It was a major success. photo-5

After lunch it was off to the beach for a party at Dauphin Island. The afternoon was filled with pictures, playing in the ocean, making sand sculptures and eating yummy, fresh shrimp.

My mind is still not wrapping itself around the fact that in 5 days this will all be over! I’m hoping this week is the longest one of my life! See ya on the flip side!

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff

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