Welcome to New… Zealand

Kia Ora!

I’m having so much fun being a kiwi and it’s only the 3rd week! I’m only in class on Tuesday’s and Friday’s which leaves lots of time to explore this beautiful country and make memories. Being here makes me feel like I’m seeing life in color for the first time.


I’ve been busy climbing to the top of Mt. Victoria, walking up stairs, taking the train to hike with some sheep, walking up stairs, drinking Chai Lattes, walking up stairs, and meeting people from all over the world…as I walk up some more stairs.



I did one of the most intense ropes courses of my life this weekend with some buddies and I thought I was going to die twice. But I didn’t (YAY) and now I’m able to write this blog to you. 🙂 But I did manage to put together a little reel of fun things I’ve seen and done in the short time I’ve been here.


There will be more to come so make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and pictures! Ooo also message me for my address if you want to send me mail, because I love mail and I would LOVE to hear from you.


Thanks for following this blog mate!

Check out the video by clicking the link below!

Welcome to New…Zealand

This is the link ^^^^

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff #NewZealand #NewNicole

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