What to do/eat/see in Sydney Australia

G’day mate! As promised here is my guide to a splendid time in Sydney Australia. I’ve made you lists of my favorite places, spaces, things to do, eat and see! I tried to organize it as easy to read as possible with pictures of each thing following the list!

The best deal you can get is to get an iVenture Pass because with it comes entry to all the main attractions in Sydney. You end up saving lots of money and get the chance to do almost everything!

iVenture has a bunch of different options of passes. Whether you want a 3-day, 5-day, 7-day unlimited pass or a 3-attraction 5-attraction 7-attraction pass that you can use within 31 days, you can customize your pass to suit your travel needs!

I was there for 5 days by myself before my parents arrived so I bought the 3-day unlimited pass which allowed me to do any attraction on their list for 3 consecutive days and then I did all the stuff I could do for free on the other 2 days so I could maximize my pass for the things that would otherwise cost money.

Whether or not you choose to get an iVenture pass is up to you but here are a few lists of my favorite things I experienced!

Favorite Attractions/Places

  1. Sydney Explorer Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
    1. This includes 2 routes and takes you to Bondi Beach
  2. Captain Cook Hop on Hop off Cruise
    1. This tour is AMAZING and is on a boat that takes you to Taronga Zoo, Manly Beach, Watsons Bay and Luna Park
  3.  Taronga Zoo 
    1. really great zoo with views of Sydney skyline
  4. Manly Beach Bike Tours 
  5. Luna Park
    1. An old vintage theme park situated in Lavender Bay that was featured in Mary Kate and Ashely. Free of charge to walk around in!
  6.  Watson’s Bay
    1. get off at the stop on Captain Cook hop on hop off and walk to the Gap.
  7.  Sydney Tower Eye SKYWALK
    1. if you don’t want to go outside then the Observation Deck is great and has good views of the city
  8. Opera House Tour, no explanation needed, incredible
  9. SeaLIFE Aquarium
  10. WildLIFE Aquarium
  11. Madame Tussaud’s wax museum
  12. Oz Jet boating
    1. get ready to get wet! This is a wild ride!
Bondi Beach
Sydney Skyline
Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo
View from Northhead lookout on Manly Beach Bike Tour
Manly Beach. My favorite.
Luna Park
View from The Gap at Watson’s Bay

Things you can see for FREE:

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens
    1. SO BEAUTIFUL! Start at Circular Quay and walk all the way along the water to the Opera House and you can enter the Gardens from there.
  2.  The Government House
    1. neat castle-like building in the Botanical Gardens. Worth taking a look at if you’re there.
  3.  Hyde Park
  4. Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge
    1. Great views of Sydney! You can also climb the bridge, but I didn’t do that.
  5.  The Gap
    1. Stunning walk at Watson’s Bay. (Get off at this stop on Captain Cook hop on hop off) takes about 20 minutes to walk the whole thing. Views of North Head over at Manly Beach
  6.  Luna Park
Water Walk around the Botanical Gardens


The Government House
Hyde Park
View from the Bridge Walk
Luna Park Ferris Wheel

Best Restaurants/Food:

  1. Kangaroo Burger at The Rock’s Cafe
    1. You’ve got to try it mate! Come on. You’re in Australia.
  2. Kangaroo Pizza at The Australian Hotel
    1. They call some restaurants “hotels” there. It’s not a hotel. I was confused, but YUM.
  3. Pancakes on the Rocks 
    1. iHop better watch out
  4. Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
    1. Can be pricy, but if you like chocolate, then stop here.
  5. Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe
  6. Nick’s Seafood Restaurant in Darling Harbour 
  7. Stanley Street
    1. kind of hidden behind the Australian Museum is a cute little street filled with great restaurants. Check it out!
  8. Opera House Kitchen
    1. Yummy food with a great view! If you do the Opera House tour you get a discount! You also get a discount to a show so check to see what’s on!
Kangaroo Burger at the Rocks Cafe. Unfortunately I ate my Kangaroo Pizza before I had a chance to take a photo of it. 😦
Pancakes on the Rocks
Opera House Kitchen Meatballs. YUM

Best Ice Cream (you knew it was coming):

  1. Gelato Messina
    1. You have to go. It will knock your socks off. If you’re doing the Hop on Hop off bus tour, its just a 5 minute walk down from the Kings Cross Stop.
  2. Gelatissimo
  3. Movenpick
    1. Corsi street at Manly Beach
  4. Copenhagen Ice Cream
    1. Circular Quay or The Rocks
  5. Ben & Jerry’s
    1. I know we have this in the states but it’s still good. 😉
I had ice cream for lunch and a snack that day.

There you have it! If there was anything I left out that you are interested in knowing more about, please comment below and ask! I would love to have you share your thoughts. Also, if you enjoy these blog posts and want to see me post more recommendations of the places I’ve been to, let me know and I will do more!

I’ve been blessed to travel so much recently and it’s been a joy to share it with you. If you have a friend going to Sydney, pass my blog along to them to give them some ideas. I want to help make traveling, more fun, less stressful and as least expensive as it can be.

To follow more of my journey, subscribe to this blog, follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @NicoleERenard.

Thanks for reading this far! Keep doing stuff and live life like nobody is watching!

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff #NewNicole #Sydney

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