Fijian Fun

I sat here staring at my computer screen trying to think of what to write about for my blog about Fiji.

and surprise! I came up with nothing. But I still want to show you what it was like so I thought it would be groovy to do shake things up a bit and do a photo blog and just bullet the points that I found interesting.

Cool?! Sweet as.

What I did in Fiji:

  • Rode in a ship for 5 hours to the first island
  • Sunbathed
  • Swam in the ocean (it was SO HOT)
  • Got lost hiking
  • Tried to run on the beach (failed)
  • ran down a mountain with no shoes on (there were huge spiders)
  • Drank out of a coconut
  • Learned a tradition Fiji Bula dance
  • Swam in a cave
  • Snorkeled at the island where they filmed Castaway
  • Made 2 wonderful girls from Switzerland who ended up traveling with me
  • Played cards every night
  • Ate yummy food
  • Picked Mangoes (YUM WOW)
  • Went to a village and played Duck duck goose and Simon Says with the kids (my favorite part by far)
  • Took a Fijian cooking lesson and learned how to make coconut milk
  • Slept in a hammock

Cue Fiji pictures: *Just click to make them bigger*

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Fiji Beach.

Love always,

Nicole xx #dostuff

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