Christmas in Orange

Last night I got to attend the 21st City of Orange Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and boy did that get me in the Christmas spirit. The twinkling lights, chilly weather and jingling bells set the perfect tone for such a joyous evening.

It was amazing to see our town gather together and celebrate the beginning of Hanukah and Jesus’ birth. Hearing people whisper to each other, “Look! That’s Miss City of Orange!” is definitely something I will have to get used to.

Out of all the oranges I met, the most energetic one by far was this little 4 year old who told me all about how he is going to Lego Land for his birthday and eating vanilla cake 3 days before Christmas. He wants to be a transformer when he grows up.

I can tell already that hanging out with kids is going to be one of my favorite parts of this job.

Check out Mrs. Santa Paws that I got to meet too!


The Candlelight Symphony and choir put on a remarkable program reminding everyone what Christmas is truly about. It was the perfect kick off to what’s going to be an amazing Christmas. I’m back on a jet tomorrow to get to my family for the holidays.

Special thanks to Nectar Clothing in the circle for this adorable outfit! Everyone loved it!

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas! Don’t forget to tell the people you love most that you love them!!

Merry Christmas,


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