What 2015 taught me

2015 was a great year. God was good to me and I learned SO MUCH. Here are a few of my biggest take aways:

  • LISTEN to people
  • People come before work
    • It’s better to be nice to someone than trample over them in your quest to get the work done
  • Be YOUR best at what you’re asked to do
  • People work differently than you
    • Not everyone works at the same pace, but my way doesn’t always mean it’s the right way
  • God looks at our future, not our past
    • He accepts us as we are, but sees us for who we will be
  • How to budget and keep track of my money
    • I love growing up
    • (My dad is clapping)
  • Milkshakes in New Zealand are NOT milkshakes!
    • order a thick shake and ask for little or no milk. You’re welcome.
    • God has it all under control. You are His kid. He won’t leave  you hanging.


I’m so ready for 2016!! To God be the glory!!

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff

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