Enjoy the Sonset

Driving on the freeway in the middle of a sunset sounds like a magical experience. WRONG.

I literally couldn’t see a single thing last night as I was driving because everything was blasted with gold light and even with sunglasses on and my sun shade down I couldn’t see a single thing.

If life is the 5 and we are the cars, we spend a majority of our lives in traffic. Frustrated. Impatient. Moving slower than we want. Trying to pass other people. And all the while, MISSING the sunset right in front of our faces!! We don’t just miss it, but we actually become annoyed by it because it’s blinding our vision and blocking our eyes from figuring out our own problems in front of us.

But thats the whole point!!! Jesus is saying LOOK AT ME!! I’m the SON! (sun haha) IM THE LIGHT!! Stop trying to drive your little car and maneuver through life on your own but fix your eyes on the beautiful sunset! The light! Me!

I don’t know about you but I can relate to becoming so distracted by life and my problems that I MISS the sun shining right in my face trying to get my attention.

If I would just slow down enough to notice Jesus and how He is holding me, maybe I could relax a little and know that He’s got it. He’s in control and isn’t going to leave me stuck in traffic. Let God drive your car for you. Enjoy the sunset.


Nicole xx #DoStuff #Sonset #Godisincontrol

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