My name is Nicole Renard and I am so happy to be living life. I’m a  Television & Broadcast Journalism major at Chapman University and love going on adventures.

I’m a dreamer, but 4 years ago it dawned on me that I was spending too much time making a list of all my dreams instead of actually living and making them come true. So I created the #DoStuff blog and campaign as a way to hold myself accountable to get up and go do stuff to make these dreams a reality.

I wasn’t good a blogging at the time so I wanted to challenge myself to post a blog every time I “did stuff”. I never dreamed it would turn into something people would actually read, but I’m so thankful for those that do and I hope my experiences can bring some much needed encouragement and hope into this dark world.

Have big dreams? I want to hear about them and help you achieve them! Let’s connect and do life together! Remember, you are the ONLY you on this earth, there is no one that can accomplish what you were meant to do, so let it rip and go #DoStuff.

Nicole xx



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